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Buddy Bench

Inspiring Kindness and Friendship

The Buddy Bench is a simple tool that is intended to eliminate loneliness and facilitate friendships on the playground at school.  Students who are looking for someone to play with at recess can sit on the bench to signal for another student to ask them to talk or play.  This creates the opportunity for new friendships to develop and will help to eliminate playground bullying.

The bench acts as a reminder to all students to be kind to one another and to help all students to feel included and an integral part of the school community.

We cannot express how excited we are to have been able to contribute our talents to such a worthy cause. We receive benches that are no longer being used or are headed for the dump and we revitalize them.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible.


Markham Ontario Recreational Slowpitch League

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Platinum Plus Painting is a proud team sponsor of MORSL. 

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Looking to add some fun recreational activity to your summer? MORSL is a great way to network, develop friendships  and get outdoors.

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